Why Lunch Bags Are Kicking Plastic Lunchboxes to the Curb

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If you haven’t heard, lunch bags are taking over the world. Storming through offices, schools and homes everywhere, they’re forcing plastic lunchboxes into retirement. Gone are the days of cracked lids and awkward to carry plastic lunchboxes, as we welcome the stylish and eco-friendly lunch bags instead.

Made with oil cloth fabric, reusable and easy to keep clean, lunch bags offer an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastic boxes. Free from harmful phthalate, lead and BPA, they’re also much better for your health. Let us explain why…

Why the World is Swapping from Plastic Lunchboxes to Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags 

Plastic plays a large role in our society. Throughout the day, you’ll be exposed to it in cars, computers, toys, storage containers and surrounding the food and drink you consume. While it’s great that many plastics can be reused and some even recycled, the issues lie with what is in the plastic itself and the characteristics of plastic.

While plastic looks and feels solid, the chemicals within it are not. They can leach out and into the surrounding areas. In the case of some plastic lunchboxes, these nasties are potentially contaminating your food. One study tested the urine from a group of people in the US and found 99% of the urine samples contained BPA (which our oil cloth lunch bags do not contain!). If that isn’t scary, we don’t know what is.

Then there’s the characteristics of plastic itself. It is rigid in structure, unable to be fitted into tight spaces and often lacking in personality. Compare that to the wide range of designs of our oil cloth lunch bags, which are easy to hold and pack into a bag, purse or briefcase.

The plastic manufacturing process also uses huge quantities of natural and man-made resources. In comparison, the manufacturing process for oil cloth is far kinder to the environment. That’s another reason why people are seeking environmentally friendly food storage alternatives such as our oil cloth lunch bags. Wrinkle resistant, water resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean with a soapy cloth, they are an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic lunchbox. Head over and take a look at the many wonderful lunch bag designs we have on offer, and order yours from Pony Lane today.


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