'12 glass bottles and a set of towels? You bought those back in your backpack after a month travelling overseas?'…
While others may have been bringing back travel souvenirs in their suitcases, Jennifer and Karina Young were cramming theirs with homewares and unusual objects they just couldn’t walk away from says Jennifer, 'More often than not we would find ourselves shaking our heads at one another and saying “Why can’t we get these back home?”'. On our return, friends would ask, 'Oh – where did you get that from?' Tired of hearing the disappointment after we’d disclose we’d unearthed it from 'a little shop filled of treasures, down a little back-street overseas…' they stopped asking. Nevertheless, we were constantly fielding requests for items if we were to ever go back. And so Pony Lane was born.

Individually sourced products continue to be our priority, with a focus on everyday staples for the home, as well as statement pieces– items to impress, excite and inspire! But gone are the days when we stuffed our luggage to the gills, throwing out all but the essentials so we could fit in our treasures. Instead, wooden crates filled with goods arrive at our door, allowing us to share these gems with others– instead of just talking about them!

Pony Lane is also the exclusive stockist of the entire range of 'Craft Me Up' – our sister company and brainchild of our sister, Angela Young (hello@craftmeup.co.nz) 

Any wholesale enquiries + custom orders drop us email: hello@ponylane.co.nz or you can also call us 027 424 0103

Pony Lane offers a unique collection of products from all of our travels. We look forward to you coming on the next journey with us, as two (sometimes three) experienced shoppers wander down unknown lanes, back-alleys streets looking for the next treasure. 
Let’s go!



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