Tips on Choosing Baby Gifts Mums & Bubs Will Love

Posted on January 15, 2020 | 0 comments

Choosing baby gifts can quickly eat your time up, especially when trying to find something both Mum and bubs will love. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of handy tips to give you a baby present shopping head start.

5 Tips for Picking Perfect Baby Gifts Everyone Will Love

If only there was a handy guide which told friends and family how to choose which baby gifts both Mum and bubs would love. Well, there wasn't but there is now! Here at Pony Lane, we’re the first to admit that we’re huge fans of giving baby gifts at baby showers and first birthdays. Here’s our list of top tips on how to pick the perfect pressies for bubs:

  • Gender-specific or neutral? – this will depend on whether you know the baby’s gender, as well as whether you think the parents would prefer a gender-specific or neutral gift. We find that most gender neutral baby gifts are in neutral or pale colours, making them perfect newborn presents anyway.
  • Practical gifts are perfect – babies need a lot of stuff. Besides the usual clothing and nappies, there’s nursery décor to consider too. Our OYOY Zorro Cat Rug would fit the bill nicely as being both useful and gorgeous to look at.
  • Time of the year – take the time of the year baby is born into consideration. A summer baby will need cool clothing for hot days in smaller sizes, or you could purchase larger sized winter clothing for the months to come. Size matters remember.
  • Unique baby gifts – have you ever been given the same gift twice? Well, it happens and one way to avoid this is to organise a unique baby gift basket or box. In fact, we can arrange it for you, selecting from our range of beautiful baby gifts and shipping it directly to bubs (or bub’s Mum to be precise).

If you are stuck for baby gift ideas, or would simply like some advice, we’d love to help you! Just send us a message about the new bub and we’ll get right onto it.












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