8 Christmas Traditions for Your Family to Consider

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From decorating the tree on December 1st, through to hanging the stockings on Christmas Eve, Christmas traditions are nothing new. It’s believed that the first stocking was hung in New York in 1883, Christmas cards were first sold in 1843 and the English version of Father Christmas was created in the 15th Century.

There are many beautiful Christmas traditions around, some of which you may not even know about!  We’re sharing eight of them with you today.


8 Christmas Traditions to Start in Your Family 

Christmas traditions are the things you do each year which have special meanings specific to this time of the year. Eating mince pies and putting up the Christmas tree are two common ones, but we thought it would be neat to look at ones which are not so common as well. So, we’ve put together a collection of eight beautiful Christmas traditions for you to start in your family.

  1. Christmas decorations – a lovely tradition and way to replenish your Christmas decorations is to choose a new one to add to your collection every year. You won’t need to look very far to do this either, as we have an adorable collection of Scandi tree decorations and Christmas décor.  If you want to avoid the mess and don’t have space for a large tree, we have some super cute tabletop Christmas trees too!
  2. Christmas pyjamas – no matter what your age, you’re never too old for Christmas pyjamas! Why not spend Christmas Eve in your seasonal PJs watching movies with your friends and family?
  3. Christmas lights – if you can decorate the outside of your home with Christmas lights and displays. Or you could spend time hunting out and visiting local displays within your neighbourhood. 
  4. Christmas cookies – a great one for a workplace or between neighbours is to designate a day as being for Christmas cookies. Each person bakes their favourite recipe and then brings them to share with everyone over a cuppa. Use one of our white Roma Dinner Plates to display them on, with a dash of icing sugar for snow.
  5. Christmas crafts – instead of buying presents, why not learn a new craft each year? YouTube is full of crafty tutorials, and this would make a neat Christmas party activity too.
  6. Christmas cards – you know it’s December when the Christmas cards start arriving in your letterbox. They are also one of the forms of communication which emails have not replaced! We have some adorable Christmas cards available; come take a look!
  7. Thank you notes – after the hustle and bustle of Christmas day, sitting down and writing personal thank you notes to your loved ones is a thoughtful and relaxing activity. It’s also one that will bring joy to both you and the recipients of your notes.
  8. Giving back – think about the ways you could give back to your local community. Could you volunteer at the local kindergarten, weed an elderly neighbours garden or donate food to your local foodbank? You could either undertake the same activity each year or swap it depending on what people need.

We’d love to know what Christmas traditions you grew up with, and which of these eight traditions you like the sound of – please drop us a comment below.

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