Have the Days of Sending Greeting Cards Long Gone?

Posted on May 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Should we stop sending greeting cards? Have the days of a handwritten birthday or thank you card gone and replaced with the sending of an email or text? For many years, greeting cards were a common way to keep in touch with others, and usually sent on special occasions. Often accompanied with a letter, you could expect to get birthday cards and even Christmas cards from friends and family each year.

However, times have changed. NZ Post offers fewer mail deliveries and stamps cost a lot more. Almost everyone has an email address and walks around with a smartphone. Then there’s social media, which lets us send instant greetings to others: no more excuses.

Is it time to say goodbye to the ‘old’ greeting card forever? Nope, we don’t think so, and we’ll explain why next.

Here’s Why Greeting Cards Will Be Staying Put

Nothing can replace the fun of receiving a card in the mail. From checking the letterbox through to opening the envelope, it’s an experience an email just can’t replicate. Physically touching an item sent to you by a loved one, also has a way of bringing you closer together. Greeting cards will remain a part of our lives because they:

  • Can be displayed and looked at for years to come
  • Show we care about someone
  • Share a personal message
  • Give warm fuzzy and happy feelings.
  • Let you add a gift such as money or a gift card
  • Can be reused or recycled, so are eco-friendly

Receiving a greeting card has a greater impact on us than an email or social media message could ever have. One UK study found that people had a bigger emotional response to handwritten letters and cards than when they saw the same message on social media or in an email.

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