The Danish brand bringing childhood memories alive for the next generation to enjoy

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Have you introduced some Danish love into your interiors?

Having been a popular trend worldwide since the early twentieth century, the momentum and demand for Danish designs shows no sign of slowing down. One of the biggest appeals, we think, is the balance of both pleasing aesthetics and functionality; beautifully crafted items that serve a purpose.

Keen to deliver the most wonderful selection of Danish inspired items to our style conscious followers, we’re proud to stock ‘OYOY’, the brand that truly defines this particular interior trend and everything that we so love about it. That trend of course, is Hygge. Whilst we’re often unsure how to pronounce Hygge (Hue-guh), we’re one hundred percent sure that we’re in love with this cosy and charming trend.

Hygge is a Danish word that is used to describe a special feeling that is so often created by a certain an environment, most often, a calming room. Such a room is created by carefully curating stylish and useful products. Here at Pony Lane we pride ourselves on stocking products that make life easier and more beautiful at the same time, and OYOY certainly ticks both of those boxes.

The owner of OYOY, Lotte Fynboe comes with an education from the Danish design school Teko in Herning, where she specialised in interior and furniture design, and we’re oh so glad she did. Fynboe’s passions for shapes, colours and graphics translate into products with a ‘less is more’ appeal.

From their mirrors and cutting boards to their rugs and placemats, we can’t get enough of OYOY’s quirky home additions. We adore how their simple yet effective products add substance to the lives of young ones whilst bringing aesthetic joy to the adults that purchase them too. These really are products that are out of place in no home.

We hope that you love browsing and shopping our selection of OYOY products as much as we love choosing the perfect ones for your lifestyle and home.

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