Quill & Fox; A Talented Duo

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Meet Andrew and Yas Imamura. A talented duo also known as Quill & Fox. Together these two independently run their self described 'ma and pa' small shop straight from their own home in Portland, Oregon. Small and independent is how these two like to operate and true to their values they personally hand delivered our order to us the evening we were due to fly home!!! We admire their personal approach and we knew immediately their nostalgic and whimsical cards stationery range would fit right on in with Pony Lane.

Meeting Andrew and Yas was like meeting people who would become your friends and here are the talented duo. Wouldn't you want to be friends with this talented duo?

The Quill & Fox paper design studio specialises in hand-designed cards and stationery that evoke a welcome sense of nostalgia. Being a small company, the studio is continuously growing its line of paper goods and is always looking to delve into different creative ideas to expand the medium of paper. 

We have selected a range of Quill & Fox stationery perfect to celebrate an occasion or postcards cool enough to decorate and hang in your home. 

Happy Birthday Piñata and Get Well Soon Card Designs


Terrarium Postcard Set of 4 and Fawn and Fauna Notepad 

Everyone had told us that Portland would be the city where designers flock to and creativity is everywhere. This is one city that didn't fail to disappoint. 















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