Craft Me Up and some friendly sibling rivalry?

Posted on March 26, 2015 | 2 comments

You could say we have quite a close relationship with the designer, Angela Young, or as she is better known, Craft Me Up. While it wasn’t a case of sibling rivalry that led Karina and I to establish Pony Lane it did make us stop dreaming and kick started the beginning of our own business and luckily we’ve included Angela and her design brand Craft Me Up along the way. 

Back in 2008 it was a request for a purse by myself that led Angela to find some use for the stash of fabric she had been stockpiling (everyone has a pile of fabric they will one day do something with right?) and it’s been a flood of purses from Angela ever since. Angela estimates 2000 coin purses have found new homes over the last seven years – quite a feat as every product is completely handmade! She's even had customers who are now onto their third or fourth coin purse. Her range has now expanded to include jewellery and home décor items but don’t expect her to do away with her purses anytime soon – they’re here to stay.

Let's get to know Angela a bit more....

1. What you do you love most about working with fabrics?

I love that you can start off with a piece (or a few pieces!) of flat fabric that doesn’t really have a use and within a few hours it can be transformed into almost anything, a bag, a piece of furniture or piece of clothing.

2. Describe your style in three simple words?

Fun, quirky and bright!

3. I know you have a knack of picking the next trends so what do you see coming up for 2015?

There is a lot of natural materials being used now in homewares such as marble, wood and concrete. It has started to flow through to accessories now too with marble patterned fabric becoming quite popular. In my current range I’ve used a laminated fabric which has a wood panel print on it which is just stunning!

4. You travel regularly to gather material and inspiration for your designs, can you share a little secret of a place we must visit or experience?

Well I haven’t quite visited this place yet … but I’m heading there in May … so I would have to say Portland. It has a real kitsch and hipster vibe about it and the locals are known for being crafty so once I’m back I’m sure I will have lots of tips for you!

I have to elaborate that the trip to Portland will be a Pony Lane & Craft Me Up trip, or a collaboration as we call it. Imagine a camper van, three sisters, a couple of national parks and being surrounded by creative and inspiring folks....what a dream holiday right? 

- Jen 

You can view Angela's entire range here at Craft Me Up 

Thanks to Elizabeth Lugg at Hold Your Colour Photography for the photos

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  • Angela

    Wow Helen happy to know you are on your third purse :)
    Yes we are very excited about the road trip hopefully we find some great ideas on the road
    PS we also have one stinky brother!

  • Helen

    I have my 2nd and 3rd purses, in constant use. They are fabulous. Your sisterly road trip sound amazing. Very jealous – I only have stinky brothers!


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