Craft Me Up Big Bobble Shoulder Clutch with colourful spots

Big Bobble Shoulder Purse - Colour Spots

By Craft Me Up

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Fresh and colourful, this purse is made from a Japanese fabric with a slightly metallic background with colourful spots. 

The purse frame comes with strap loops which you can clip a leather strap on to turn this clutch into a shoulder bag, or alternatively you can unclip the leather strap and carry it as a hand clutch. Great for day and night!

The inside is fully lined with a patterned fabric to offset the unique exterior print. 

This shoulder purse has plenty of space to fit your cards, money, keys and even an ipod or mobile phone. 

Leather strap included. Please note the colour of the spots may not be identical to the pictures shown but we will try to cut from the same area of the fabric to match the pictures.

Height:    150mm
Length:   220mm

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