Playful and bright, Craft Me Up brings you fun and original accessories and design items for everyday living.
Craft Me Up is the creative outlet of fresh New Zealand designer Angela Young. In the beginning, Angela's sisters were her biggest fans, with her jewellery and bags regularly completing their outfits.  It wasn't long before friends began asking about where they could get the same looks.  And so Craft Me Up was born.
Travelling from country to country is one of Angela's favourite ways of drawing inspiration.  It's no surprise then that Craft Me Up fabrics are sourced from around the globe, usually resulting in one-of-a-kind designs.  After bringing the fabrics home, they are placed on an inspiration board.  It doesn't take long before the creative juices begin to flow and the concept for a new product has hatched! 
Angela's passion for sewing has branched out into a range of other media, with handmade jewellery using clay and wooden necklaces.  Craft Me Up’s next project will incorporate concrete and one thing is for certain, it will be bright and fun.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome – you can email Angela at hello@craftmeup.co.nz

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