Misery Guts Felted NZ Wool Cushions

By Misery Guts

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We love the Tush Cush!

Welcome to Misery Guts, the inner child of NZ designer Tanja McMillan AKA Misery.

For parents who know, kids sit and watch what we do, more than they stand and listen to what we say.

The little humans are always watching, so put on a good show!

The Misery Guts Tush Cush are part of the Misery Guts Wild One range and are made from felted NZ wool. They are the perfect tushy cushion for in the TeePee, watching time, quiet time, a booster for the dinner table, on the floor for the playroom, reading corners, wooden seating areas or just your favourite seat.

They’re not just for little humans, big humans appreciate the simplicity of their design and their practicality, with a fabulous range of colours to suit everyone style.

Proudly made from hand felted NZ wool by our amazing Nepali Fair Trade friends. You and Misery Guts, working together to bring smiles to little humans, and make a difference to the lives of the talented individuals who produced this product for Misery Guts.

Available in 11 colours:

  • Hot Hot Pink 
  • Tasman Empire Teal
  • Marine Blue
  • Soft Grey
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Overly Orange
  • Coastal Green
  • Riverstone Light
  • Riverstone Dark
Diameter: 350mm


If you want to know more about this product, get in touch here.

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