Misery Guts Totemly Totem Height Chart

Misery Guts Totemly Totem Height Chart

By Misery Guts

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Welcome to Misery Guts, the inner child of NZ designer Tanja McMillan AKA Misery.

Misery Guts allows Tanja to explore her inner child. To escape beyond Miseryland where Misery lives, to a land where vampires dance with Bananas, where kids can live their dreams and where all the things that make New Zealand unique, come to life. 

The playful Totemly Totem Height Chart is for parents who know, it takes a village to raise a child. It is proudly made in New Zealand by big villagers, for little villagers.

It's the perfect height chart for kids with an adventurous imagination, and a little bit of wild in’em.

Starting with the strength of a bear, travel the journey upwards through a village of loveable and adventurous wild characters. When your child reaches the top, they’re ready to fly free!

This height chart is designed to be a lifelong keepsake, a forever memory of the journey upwards of little humans everywhere.

The height chart is printed on 200 gsm paper and comes packaged in a brown cardboard tube. Perfect as gift, just add a bow and you’re done!


Height: 100mm

Width: 250mm 


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